Mission and Vision
Our mission is to be the leading Real Time Enterprise Solution Provider that offers a fully integrated enterprise solution. Through continuous monitoring, capturing, simulation and optimization of real time data, decision makers can now make faster and more informed decisions. With our years of experience in the field of identification, we have proved to equip all our existing customers with the opportunity to strengthen their brand, increase market awareness and enhance their overall operational efficiencies.

To remain truly committed to our mission TCM continues to play a leading R&D role in the field of advanced communications technology (both hardware and software). We listen to our customers' issues and help them to streamline their current work processes through the use of our own proven patented technology to help their businesses succeed.

To be the market leader with world class technology solutions(both hardware and software) in delivering innovative automatic identification solutions to help the Healthcare, Life Science, Warehousing and Supply Chain verticals to achieve their business goals.