TCM RFiD lands NHG contract

By: Staff Journalist, Singapore
Published: Jan 30, 2008

The National Healthcare Group (NHG) awarded a contract to Singapore-based TCM RFiD to provide a real-time software keep track of pharmaceuticals and carry out proper drugs administration to patients.

The Intelligent Medicine Dispensing System (i-MDS), a first of its kind in Asia, operates on customized software developed by TCM RFiD. It is expected to be deployed initially on more than 300 Motorola MC50 and MC70 enterprise digital assistants (EDA) which are linked to backend electronic medical records via wireless technology and Wi-Fi networks.

The i-MDS-enabled EDAs will be able to scan both RFID-enabled and barcoded wristbands on each patient to attain the necessary information needed without delay. Besides preventing errors in drugs dispensation, TCM RFiD managing director, Michael Oh said the system will also cut down the need for paper files and improve workflow management in hospitals.

"The term, ‘mobile computing' has been a buzzword in healthcare for several years, but the absence of useful applications has traditionally restricted growth. This is now changing as the major providers of healthcare information systems have rolled out modified versions of their applications suited for pocket sized EDAs," added Jeff Schou, director of healthcare, Motorola Enterprise Mobility business. "These mobile devices, coupled with proliferating wireless local area networks (WLANs) in hospitals, are proving a potent mix for increasing caregiver productivity and reducing medical errors."

i-MDS will be installed by the second quarter of this year at two NHG hospitals.